A double-blind study of effectiveness of Hericium erinaceus Pers therapy on chronic atrophic gastritis

Chinese Medical Journal

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of Hericium Erinaceus Pers (HEP) in the tre.at- ment of chronic atrophic gastritis, a double- blind study was carried out. Fifty endoscopical ly-confirmed chronic atrophic gastritis patients (34 males and 16 females) with.age ranging from 30 t0 60 years, were randomly dividod into two groups: Group I consistt:d of 25 pa- tients, taking 3 tablets of HEP after each meal and Group II consisted of another 25 patients, taking only placebo in the same manner. The course of the treatment was 3 months. Gastro scopy and gastric acidity analysis were perform- ed before and after the treatment respectively. The severity of the gas.troscopic findings, intes- tinal metaplasia, dysplasia and inflammatory in- filtration in the gastric mucosa were classified as mild, moderate, or severe by the same endos- copist or the same pathologist according to the standard national criteria.